28 Random Things About Us

28 Random Things About Us

This month I’m feeling lovey and I’m excited to be getting married soon! Relationships are a HUGE part of healthy living, are they not? Romantic or otherwise, the people in our lives have the biggest impact on our overall health and happiness.

Tonight, I felt like making a list. We are getting married in 28 days on the 28th of October and here I have 28 random facts about Nick and I’s relationship…

  1. We were both in the Mankato West 2003 graduating class but we never spoke in high school.


  1. We “met” a decade later on Match.com
  1. The first time we spoke actual words to each other was at Blue Bricks in Mankato, MN.
  1. The first show we binge watched together was ‘Dexter’.dex
  1. He planned a surprise birthday party for me when I turned 28 (a couple months after we met) but not when I turned 30. That’s the honeymoon stage for ya..
  1. I planned a zip lining excursion for his 30th but admittedly didn’t even get him a card for his recent 32nd birthday. So basically we’re not very consistent with the birthday thing.
  1. Anyone who has met us in the last 2 years assumes we met because we’re both fitness instructors but the truth is, he became a BODYPUMP instructor 6 months after we started dating. I like to think that I “discovered” him.side-plank

8. My sister had (still has?) a “celebrity crush” on his sister, Mollie, who is a superstar performer. I joke that I’m only marrying him because I know she’ll be internationally famous one day and I want claims to her stardom.


  1. We rescued a husky together after 7 months of dating, it was almost our demise, but now we can’t imagine our life without him.


  1. He cooks and I clean. It’s just better for everyone that way.
  1. He’s an extroverted introvert while I’m a straight up extrovert.
  1.  He pretends not to like my little shih-tzu, Rowan, who I had before I met him, but I know he secretly loves her. It’s all an act.nick-and-ro
  1. We spend more time talking to each other in the “voices” of our dogs than we do actually talking in our regular voices.
  1. We got engaged on the “Top of the Rock” (Rockefeller Center) in New York City and his sister got it on video. I will give him mad props for the rest of his life for such a great proposal.


  1. I totally knew it was coming but that didn’t make it any less awesome.
  1. The first movie we watched together was “Pitch Perfect”, we’re both obsessed with it.
  1. Neither of us has a tattoo which seems rare these days.
  1. We’re both way too competitive and shouldn’t be allowed to play board games together. But we do it anyways. It’s an issue.
  1. Nick is a fox and I’m a hedgehog. Meaning that he has many interests and likes to do a lot of different things while I have a few things I’m super into and those are the only things I like to do.
  1. If Nick could change 3 things about me he’d want me to be a die-hard Vikings fan, he’d want me to enjoy camping, and he’d want me to like beer. I just don’t have much enthusiasm for any of these things.
  1. We do share a mutual love for the Minnesota Wild.wild
  1. Nick once told me that what he loves about me most is “the way you carry yourself” and that is one of my favorite compliments.
  1. I knew as soon as I met his family that I fit right in. I’ve never once felt like I had to be anything but myself around them.fischers
  2. Nick fits right in with my family too. Also, our dads are like the same person.
  1. Our favorite place to relax and unwind is up in Ely, Minnesota at the cabin.
  1. We’re both really good at bean bags (corn hole, whatever you call it). Well okay, Nick’s better than me but as a team we’re pretty hard to beat.
  1. Investing in thorough pre-marital counseling has been the best thing we’ve ever done for our relationship. I think we’ve grown more as a couple in the 6 months we’ve been engaged than in the 3 years that we dated before that.
  1. We’ve gone through some ups and downs over the years and have almost broken up a time or two, most of it in the first couple years. By no means are we a perfect couple. But I always just had a feeling….



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