Two Days Of Potential

Two Days Of Potential
This is a guest blog post from my lovely sister, Joelle Julian! She currently lives in San Diego with her husband who is an officer in the Navy. Joelle is an amazing and talented photographer…..check her out at Joey Photo! I admire her adventurous spirit. She’s always doing something fun and new. Partly, of course, because she loves taking pictures but she’s also just a free spirit!
I love this post she wrote because I know I could learn from her free spirited ways. I tend to work myself to the bone all week long and then I use my weekends to “recover” instead of to get out there and ENJOY LIFE!!! A lot of times I’ll resist making weekend plans because I don’t want to feel obligated. I’m sure many of you can relate. But that’s no way to live and Joelle has inspired me to be better about making my weekends count!! There’s no reason a weekend can’t include adventure as well as unscheduled down time. Read on…
joelle and alex
My sister and her husband, Alex.
The weekend is almost here. Do you have anything planned? A whole two (ish) days full of potential. I usually like to keep pretty busy and plan something for just about every free weekend on our calendar. A free weekend where we don’t plan an excursion feels like a waste to me! However, do not fear, you can still do something awesome this weekend with little planning.
Here are five ideas for your yet unplanned weekend:

1.    Check out Groupon. When you’re lacking inspiration for something to do, let Groupon do the work for you! I just googled “Groupon San Diego: Things To Do” and this weekend I have the option of going whale watching, taking a harbor cruise, renting segways or going to the automotive museum. Now you probably won’t find me at the automotive museum but I like knowing that I have the option. All of those I might add are $25 or less.

2.    Go for a hike. Ahh hiking, one of my favorite activities. It feels SO good to get outside, clear your head and spend some quality time with your honey and nature. Living in San Diego I’m fortunate to have some pretty extraordinary hikes, but you don’t need mountains to have a good hike. I think you’d be surprised to find some great hiking trails near your city. Hiking requires little planning, (well the short ones at least). A water bottle and some snacks and you’re all set.

3.    Explore a new town. Maybe it’s even the town or city right next to yours. Take a walk in their downtown, go to some shops and stop somewhere for a bite to eat. Some of my favorite weekends are when Alex and I visit a town close to ours and spend the afternoon exploring. When we lived in Virginia, it took us over a year to finally visit the small town of Smithfield that was only a short 40 minute drive away. We absolutely adored this place and couldn’t figure out what took us so long to get off our butts and check it out!

4.    Watch the sunset. This one is great because ANYONE can do it. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, the sun will set. Scout out a location to bring a picnic basket and a blanket and head out an hour before sunset to enjoy the views and each other’s company.

5.   Attend a festival or event. I will admit that I’m really bad about looking into these but there are festivals all the time for all sorts of crazy things! I just looked up events happenings this weekend in San Diego and I already have a ton of amazing options: Star Gazing at Mission Trails, Healthy Living Festival in Del Mar and a Cactus and Succulent Sale and Workshop and that’s just to name a few. Those all sound entertaining and FREE!


Well friends, I just went from having no plans this weekend to having five adventurous, romantic and fun options! How will I ever decide? I hope you can use these five ideas to fill in those weekends where you have nothing planned!
What do you have going on this weekend? I’d love to hear about your plans!

Until next time,


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