That Thing We’re All Looking For…

That Thing We’re All Looking For…

No, I’m not talking about Pokemon. I still don’t get what that whole thing is all about.


One of the great things about social media is that there’s no shortage of inspirational or meaningful quotes. Sometimes it seems a bit overdone but I actually think it’s a good thing. All it takes is seeing the right quote at the right time and your life can change. Every once in a while you are stopped in your tracks and you have to take a second to be like “whoa” because a simple quote has somehow managed to sum up everything you are struggling with in that moment and made you feel like it’s all going to be okay.

A couple years ago, this was that kind of quote for me. I even had it as the background of my phone for a good year or so.  I’m sharing it today hoping it might hit some of you right where you are at and help you.…


One of the women currently taking my self confidence course asked me if I had any tips for her on how to find more balance in her life. I always figure if one person is asking, a lot more want to know too. I do and I don’t have an answer for this.

I used to say “balance” was the key word when it came to healthy living. Now I know that’s not very helpful. As if we need one more thing to feel pressured about. Let’s add “achieve balance” to the list of things to do. You see, the most balanced, scratch that, the most FREE I’ve ever felt is when I embraced not being balanced.

So that’s the answer. You’re never going to feel perfectly balanced. Sorry.

But I do have one tip to help you with that whole “embracing” part…

You can start by trusting your intuition. You know what’s best for you at any given time. Do you need to work or relax, to take “me time” or give to someone else, to be alone or socialize, to rest or workout, to indulge or resist? Do what you need to do. Giving to one area of your life will always take away from another. It will be this way always and forever.

That’s OKAY.

Sure, there will be those fleeting times in your life when you really have your ducks in a row and you feel “balanced”. Your relationships are smooth sailing, your career is soaring, your fitness is on point, your house is clean, your parenting is impressive, and your friendships are fulfilling….then one of those darn ducks steps out of line. And another! Now your life doesn’t even resemble a line at all! It’s just a big old mess!


I was just telling my fiancé the other day that I want kids in theory but the actual reality of it scares me. Then I realized why. Because I’m comfortable with my current ducks, I’m even cool with them not being in a row. I like my current mess of ducks. But I’m scared that I can’t handle one more duck.

That’s just me falling victim again to this idea of “balance”, this pressure to effortlessly handle everything in our lives. It’s just not a reality and it’s really not something to strive for. Doing so will only hold us back and cause us to make (or not make) decisions out of fear that we’d get even more off balance. Think of all the joy we’d miss out on if we aren’t willing to lose our balance from time to time!

The truth is, I’d figure out how to handle one more duck just like I always have. Some ducks naturally just fall away as other ducks get added. That’s a necessary part of life and a reason to let things go.

Trust that you’ll find a way to not only survive but thrive in the glorious chaos of your imperfect life. You are beautifully imbalanced. That’s what I like about me and that’s what I like about you.

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