A 24-day Confidence Course for Women

Inside Out - A 24-day Confidence Course for Women

In alignment with my new purpose and direction I’ve developed Inside Out – A 24-day Confidence Course for Women.

This is an e-mail based course based on my personal journey over the last few years. I’ve compiled my experience in such a way for it to spark your own journey towards true self confidence. I’m sharing what I know, where I’ve been, and how it can help you.

My course will allow you to;

  • Gain clarity of your strengths, weaknesses, and uniqueness
  • Learn what it means to honor yourself through empowering self-care
  • Cultivate greater love, acceptance, and compassion for yourself
  • Re-write your story in order to become more of who you are
  • Become more self-confident

So how does it work? You will get a daily message from me and each of these messages will contain another tool for you to use as you work to build real self confidence, the kind that comes from the inside and is not based on your outward appearance.

After 24 days, you will have a “tool kit” to go back to time and time again as you are on your journey toward being your best most confident self. This isn’t a fast track program. Everyone has a different journey and since this course is e-mail based, you can take it at your own pace.

Each week will have a different focus….



Week One
Know Yourself

I’ll guide you through self discovery and awareness as you learn about your personality, your tendencies, your strengths, weaknesses, and your uniqueness!! I will provide you with resources and journal prompts that I have personally used and found to be extremely helpful and eye opening.

Week Two
Honor Yourself

We’ll talk about the concept of self care, how it’s NOT selfish, and help you find ways to incorporate this practice into your everyday life. We will also talk about people pleasing and trusting your intuition. This week is all about finding YOUR best path towards overall health and wellness, instead of imitating someone else’s.

Week Three
Love Yourself

We will wage war on the idea of “perfection” (instead of waging war on ourselves). This week is all about embracing flaws, letting go of labels, changing mindsets, and much much more!!!

Week Four
Be Yourself

We take ACTION by applying this new knowledge of ourselves!  Step out and find out how it feels to have the courage to live your life as your most free, happy, unapologetic, confident self.

The next offering of this course begins May 14th, 2017!

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If you, like me, have struggled at times with all the pressures that come with being a woman in your 20s (or 30s, or 40s, or... ok just being a woman) than I have a pitch to make for you.

A few months ago I took Stephanie Fischer's Inside Out confidence course and it helped me tremendously. This chick gets it. She offers a realistic view to life that is so incredibly refreshing. This class is bad ass. Steph's material applies to everyone, no matter where you are in your level of confidence.

The class is extremely affordable and can be taken from the comfort of your living room. If you are searching for something, questioning some of the "norms," struggling or thriving, or even just curious I would highly recommend this course!"

- Becky