How to Marry Yourself

Disclaimer: This is not relationship/marriage advice!! This is an analogy about self love…


Think about what a healthy, happy relationship looks like. It would be two people who love each other, despite being perfectly aware of the others flaws and imperfections. It’s two people accepting and embracing each other just the way they are.

How long would you date someone if they were always pointing out your less than perfect parts? How miserable would you be if you were married to someone who didn’t accept you and just wanted to change you?

The thing is, you are in a relationship with a person like that if you don’t practice self love. You are in a relationship with yourself. Except you can’t leave yourself. Which is why self love matters.

Your body doesn’t have to be perfect for you to love it completely.

You can acknowledge your physical “imperfections” without using them as reasons not to love your one and only body.

Your weight can fluctuate without your self worth fluctuating with it.

If you’re constantly going on diets and exercising out of obligation or guilt then you’re at war with yourself. You’re in an unhealthy relationship.

Practice accepting yourself just the way you are today. Stick up for yourself like you would for your significant other when negative self talk creeps in. Become aware of how you are treating yourself.

A place of self love is where you can start making positive changes. You can enjoy eating well and exercising because you LOVE and honor your body not because you hate it and are trying to change it. Then and only then can you be on a JOYFUL journey of healthy living.

Doesn’t it sound freeing?

Marry yourself and make it a happy, healthy relationship full of self love and acceptance. Improvements welcome but not necessary.


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