Moving Weekend Reflections

Moving Weekend Reflections

Moving weekend!! I can’t wait to leave this place yet it deserves a moment of appreciation from me. So I sat outside the front door this morning to enjoy my coffee. I’ve never done that before but I’ve learned the importance of taking the time for stillness and moments of reflection and it felt like something I needed to do.

This is where I started over after a divorce, a life event that showed me how much clarity and self knowledge I truly was lacking.

This is where I came home to each night after teaching 3 or 4 classes in a row at my studio.

This is where Nick and I’s relationship grew; making dinners, watching movies, having arguments.

This is where I cried myself to sleep during the most painful emotional crisis of my adult life that made me a stronger, wiser, and better person.

This is where we brought our beloved rescue husky, Mikko, home to!

This is where I watched Nick play Twister in the living room with my niece and realized he’ll be an amazing dad.

This is where I sat at the kitchen table and made the super difficult decision to transition my career by closing my studio and accepting a job offer at the Y.

This is where I came home to after a trip to NYC where I got engaged!

This is where my sister picked me up from as we headed out on an epic road trip across the country.

This is where I grew into a woman who knows who she is and what she’s about.

But now that I’ve taken the moment to acknowledge all of this…I’m so ready to move on. I can’t wait for new dog walking routes and to live near the Red Jacket Trail! (Maybe I’ll run more frequently?!)

I love the opportunity to de-clutter and simplify that moving provides; emotionally, mentally and physically. A new place means new routines, new rituals, and new memories.

Good things await….

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