Presence Over Progress

Presence Over Progress

The other day I was emailing with a friend, we were coordinating our schedules in order to get some face time together. She said something like “I love having conversations with go-getters!” to which I replied that a “go getter” was the last thing I felt like lately, unless you consider watching all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls in 2 months highly ambitious.

Like a good friend, she said all the right things and didn’t let me feel bad about it. The truth is, I already didn’t feel that guilty because I’ve learned to not be hard on myself. It’s not that I don’t care and don’t have standards, I’m just realistic!

I’ve been growing a tiny human inside me for the past few months – I mean seriously, what else do I need to do besides that?!

Well, I suppose my job is one thing. I’ve been doing that with my usual competency.

My dogs get walked and fed every day.

I can’t say the same for my husband. He gets fed every day but it’s usually no thanks to me. (sorry hun)

I haven’t been writing much. As much as I love blogging, I’m aware that I’m not a celebrity and people aren’t waiting with baited breath to find out what the next thing I have to say is. I think sometimes those of us who keep up an active social media presence let ourselves think that but it’s really not true. So if I don’t feel like posting or blogging…I don’t. I’m fairly certain no one is affected by this.

I’ve been teaching and subbing a ridiculous amount of classes which is keeping me in shape despite giving in to my cravings for jelly beans and bagels.

I haven’t read any books lately. (Been entirely too busy watching Netflix – I actually had the thought the other night that  “holding up a book takes too much work”)

Okay, that’s enough. This is the point I want to make…

Just STOP!

Stop basing your worth off of what you have or haven’t accomplished as of late.

You are SO MUCH MORE than a balance sheet.

You’re already enough.

Notice I didn’t say you’re already doing enough. I said you already ARE enough.

You are enough even if your boss doesn’t notice you, even if your house isn’t clean, even if you aren’t happy with your body, even if your partner doesn’t compliment you, even if it’s been a long time since you’ve had a great idea.

You don’t have to keep up with anybody. You don’t have to try to be “different” or unique.  You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

YOU are enough.

To quote Maddy Moon;

 “Your confidence should not come from your actions, but from your heartbeat. Your worthiness does not come from your legacy but from your breath.”

Isn’t that beautiful? I think so.

Stop trying so hard and just be. I guarantee you’re doing a lot more than you’re giving yourself credit for. And remember that while “progress over perfection” is a really beautiful concept, a temporary lack of progress can be beautiful too. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going backwards, it can just mean that you’re being present.

Yes, presence over progress.

Try that on, see how it fits.

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