“28 days later I found I was carrying myself less hesitantly and treating myself more gently. I thought I knew myself well enough but through this course I’ve gained insight that probably would have taken the rest of my thirties to figure out. Thanks Steph for doing this and for modeling just how good vulnerability looks!”

– Aveline

I LOVE this course!! Thank you for taking a different road and letting all the women in your course jump in the car with you. Your messages of self love and love to others are simply refreshing. Thank you for putting the gifts God bless you with to such great use!!

– Becky

“What an amazing course! I learned so much about myself including so many positive things I had never acknowledged before or used to my full potential!

I took our vacation to self-reflect and enjoy the important things in my life…my spiritual life along with my family. I did not respond to emails or answer phone calls. I allowed myself to shut out all the noise. I feel so rejuvenated and your course was the starting point.

Thanks for including me and being such a huge inspiration in my life. I value all your motivating and real life quotes, tips, and self boosters. You are an incredible lady! God has blessed you and all those you are able to touch!!”

– Renae

“I just wanted to let you know that I think your course is absolutely fabulous, well thought out and extremely thought provoking. You are well on your way to supporting hundreds of women in their journey towards accepting themselves. The powerful tools and insight you provide show the hard work you’ve done to get to where you are at and show a pathway for others to get there as well.”

– Jenna

“After the first several days of the course I kept thinking ‘she can’t possibly continue to come up with new content on this topic, she’s going to start repeating herself soon.’ But every day there was new information and new ways to think about life and myself…”

– Alison

“I just want you to know how much this course meant to me! It was amazing! I can already tell it’s working in my life. Yesterday I went to a ladies retreat where I barely knew anyone. I had to bring my kids and could have found every reason in the book not to go…but I went and enjoyed myself! I practiced saying “hi” to people first and just being my authentic self – to my shock, I had fun!! This is just the tip of the iceberg honestly!”

– Renata


"I have “ah ha!” moments every night when I am reading these emails and doing my journal writing. I feel like you are reading my brain every day!! I am beyond thankful for taking this and know that you are touching my life in many ways. I feel there isn’t enough time in the day for myself – work – kids- life! Then every night when I go to bed and take the time to read these emails and write my thoughts and I wake up the next day feeling better, feeling relieved. This course is allowing me to have answers to “why” on so many levels of everyday life – that others aren’t taking the time to stop and think about because who has time – right?"

– Mindy

”I feel so much better emotionally. I’m mentally clearer and have an overall greater sense of satisfaction with life. Thank you for all the positive vibes you send out!”

– Erika

If you, like me, have struggled at times with all the pressures that come with being a woman in your 20s (or 30s, or 40s, or... ok just being a woman) than I have a pitch to make for you.

A few months ago I took Stephanie Fischer's Inside Out confidence course and it helped me tremendously. This chick gets it. She offers a realistic view to life that is so incredibly refreshing. This class is bad ass. Steph's material applies to everyone, no matter where you are in your level of confidence.

The class is extremely affordable and can be taken from the comfort of your living room. If you are searching for something, questioning some of the "norms," struggling or thriving, or even just curious I would highly recommend this course!"

- Becky