Final Pregnancy Update: The Overdue Blues

Final Pregnancy Update: The Overdue Blues

I have always understood that my due date is just an estimate and not a deadline. I’m well aware that it’s perfectly normal and healthy to go beyond it. Blah Blah Blah. Despite knowing these things, I still have the “overdue” blues. But I’m getting through them in two ways; permission and positivity.


By permission I mean that I’m telling myself it’s perfectly acceptable to not be relishing in these last days of pregnancy. Everyone says “Just enjoy it!” and I just think “Yeah…easy for you to say…”.

It’s okay that I noticed my first stretch mark the day after my due date and I wanted to scream, “Get OUT of there and give me my body back!!”

It’s alright that my husband and I aren’t savoring the end of “just the two of us” by staring into each other’s eyes and having romantic dinners together each evening. We’re just a regular couple and frankly, we’re both over this whole pregnancy thing. At some point you’ve had enough of all the planning and prepping and you’re ready to take the leap into the unknown, scary as it might be.

It’s okay that I wake up feeling disappointed when I didn’t go into labor the night before.

It’s okay that I’m almost as excited to enjoy a glass of wine again as I am to meet my baby 😉

Yes, it’s all okay and it’s all perfectly normal. These are just regular feelings and there’s no reason to resist them. So these days, I’m giving myself permission to feel what I feel and just accept it!


Overall, I’m actually staying quite positive and why not, right? It’s a lot easier to be happy than miserable. There are so many ways I’ve found to keep my spirits up during these final days…

Make Plans: These last few weeks I’ve made more plans than I have all summer! This effort to keep my mind occupied has been great for my relationships and social life! I hope to find myself in the hospital later today giving birth…but if not, we’ve got friends coming over to grill out!  It’s all about contingency plans at this stage of the game.

Laugh So I Don’t Cry: I’m finding the humor in my situation by looking up “overdue pregnancy” meme’s on Pinterest. It’s always nice to know that what you’re feeling is so relatable there’s a meme out there about it.

Also, the comments I get from people in my day to day life are endlessly entertaining because no one really knows what to say to a very pregnant woman…and if you’re in the right frame of mind (which I’m not always) it’s hilarious.

Relax: After the last two months of moving into our new house and some pretty serious nesting, I’m finally allowing myself to slow down. For example; this last week I picked out a few simple meals that I wanted to prep and freeze for those crazy weeks after baby comes. I wrote down the ingredients I needed to get and then I sat my butt on the couch and turned on Netflix. Two nights later, I finally got myself to the store to purchase said ingredients. The next night, I finally put the meals together. Point being, a process that I would normally complete from start to finish in one evening now takes me an entire week…and I’m totally cool with that. Gotta pace myself.

Affirmations: These last few days I’ve been saying the following affirmation to myself over and over again while taking deep breaths when I start to feel anxious and impatient about this whole baby situation; “Just because I am ready does not mean that my baby is ready.” This helps me put things in perspective. It doesn’t matter how I feel because it’s not about me anymore. It’s about him. That is my first lesson of motherhood.

“Just because I am ready does not mean that my baby is ready.”

Soon enough, all the mysteries will be revealed. When will I go into labor? Where will I be? How will it happen? What will my baby look like? The answers to these and so many more questions are right around the corner…stay tuned 😉

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