The Feedback That Brought Me To Tears…

The Feedback That Brought Me To Tears…

This morning I woke up to an e-mail from one of the women who just completed my self-confidence course. After reading it I sat down on my bed…and I cried. Read what she wrote and then I’ll explain why it brought me to tears…

“STEPH-A-NIE! STEPH-A-NIE! (Read that like a chant)

What a humbling and wonderful way to end your confidence course! I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!

I have been procrastinating finishing this last tool because that would mean the course is over! 

Where do I begin to thank you? I appreciate all the hard work you put into and continue to put into this course. No matter where women fall under the “confidence spectrum” they could all benefit from this course. I also wanted to say thank you for putting into practice what you preach. You have a way of opening up and being vulnerable that immediately makes women feel comfortable and at ease. Those skills allowed me to hit the ground running with this course – I immediately felt comfortable and trusted you!

 I love your view of life! That quote about life being about the journey and not the destination has become sort of a cliche but you brought fresh ways of thinking about it.

 I, and as you pointed out many other women, feel this immense pressure to be the “perfect package” and to be it NOW! Hot body (of course), beautiful and put together all the time, successful, a family, a great career.. the list goes on. THANK YOU for helping me to realize this is me, right now. This is who I am. Why waste my days striving for something that no woman has ever achieved?

 And I also love how you talk about self-improvement and that it is OK to want to improve! BUT only after you accept you who are – today. I completely agree that growth can only come after we accept the version of ourselves we are right now.

There were several moments in this course that I broke down in tears. When I read your message about the things women say about themselves and saw my own words on that list.. “I’ve never seen myself as beautiful” – that was so powerful. If a friend, or my mom, or one day if God grants me one – my daughter, ever said that… It would break my heart. Like I said earlier, the way you ended the course was such a strong reminder for me. I am a precious child of God! Would He create something that wasn’t beautiful!?!

Steph – please keep up the great work, you are making such a powerful impact on so many women’s lives! Hopefully one day I’ll run into you somehow and I can give you a big hug!

 Thanks again! And let me know if you ever design another course – Ill be the first in line to take it!”


Yep that did it! Tears of joy flooded my eyes. I cried because I felt the power of having made an impact on another human being in a huge way. I cried because I knew my message had gotten through and touched her in exactly the way I intended it too. I cried because all it required was being myself and speaking my truth. That honestly blows my mind.

This beautiful e-mail message landed in my inbox because one day I decided that I can just be ME. I can use what I already have within me to help others. My struggles, my victories, my failures, my insights, my strengths, my vulnerabilities, my unique gifts…none of it is for me to keep to myself. I am meant to share these things with others!

Everything I needed, I already possessed. When I finally believed that and was brave enough to put it out there…amazing things happened.
It’s the same way with self-confidence. You don’t need to obtain anything to have it. You don’t need a new wardrobe, to lose 30 pounds, a different job, a relationship, a degree, or anything else to be self-confident. It’s already within you. You just need to strip away all the lies you’ve been telling yourself, all the messaging that the media has been feeding you that make you believe you need “fixing”…and just BE you. Be free. Be confident.

Thank you Becky for this amazing message. Words like this fan the flame within me as I continue on this mission.

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  • STEPH,great post and What you are doing,does empower and help all of us. Love your blogs and loved the class. I’m not so hard on myself any more since taking your class.

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