Birthday Announcement!

Birthday Announcement!

Hey there, it’s me.

Just turned thirty three!

My last trip around the sun

Gave me my whole world, my son.

The year that gave me my sweet boy

Was full of dread and full of joy.

I struggled a lot to not compare

As I practiced the art of trial and error.

The highest highs and the lowest lows

Came along with those ten little toes.

Lack of sleep, too much stress

Feeling like a total hot mess.

But I am nothing if not resilient

My next year is going to be brilliant!

I hope to do a lot more teaching

And in the Fall I will be reaching

Women who struggle to find their worth

And give themselves grace after giving birth.

Not just for moms but for anyone

Carrying shame that feels like a metric ton.

If you haven’t been told, it’s overdue.

You are enough and I am too.  

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