About Me


About Me:

I am a fitness professional on a mission to UNDO the damage done by much of my industry when it comes to body image, confidence, and self-worth. I spent many years feeling unworthy and believing that less body fat and more muscle was the answer to finally feeling comfortable in my skin. The pressure to “look the part” had me at war with myself and my true nature. Frustrated and burnt out, I began a journey of self-knowledge, personal growth, and emotional healing

I learned how to trust my intuition, embrace my shortcomings, and honor myself. I discovered that everything I needed to feel confident was already within me. I broke free from the lies and I stepped into my power. Now I know that my worth comes from the inside out and I live my life as my most authentic self, no longer feeling the pressure to be the “fit chick” and finding joy in simply being me.

By speaking my truth I hope to help people, especially women, discover the true meaning of health and live their best life free of shame about their bodies or obsession and obligation around diet and exercise.

I have over a decade of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, wellness coach, group fitness instructor, and a fitness program manager in both community and corporate settings.

Most recently I was the owner/operator of Howe-to Fitness in Mankato, MN (2012-2015) and currently I am the Director of Healthy Living at the Mankato Family YMCA.

I live in Mankato, Minnesota with my husband, Nick and our son Beau (born in August of 2017). Motherhood has only fueled my fire to help welcome escape the prison of shame and perfectionism.

My Education:

My degree is in Exercise Science from Bethany Lutheran College. I am an NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer and I have a variety of group fitness certifications including mat Pilates, kettlebells, Les Mills BODYPUMPTM, BODYCOMBATTM, BODYFLOWand GRITTM. 

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