Embrace Your Shortcomings

Embrace Your Shortcomings

Let your so-called faults become your “edge”

Allow your limitations to lead you to your passions.

Were it not for my obliging nature and need for the accountability of others to do “hard things”, I wouldn’t have become a leader in group fitness, something I love deeply.

Sometimes I think I’d like to be one of those people who can just decide to do something and never let themselves down, like train for a marathon… but if I were one of those people, I wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t be doing what I do.

Were it not for my loud mouth and almost-to-a-fault openness, I wouldn’t have attracted my tribe and earned the trust and respect of those who allow me to train, teach, coach, lead, and support them on their own health and fitness journeys. By being this way, I also immediately scare off those who would judge me and not support me…and who wants them around anyways?!

Were it not for my stubbornness and impulsiveness, I wouldn’t have quit a full time job and started a fitness studio, relying purely on my passion and refusal to fail (because I certainly couldn’t rely on the small amount of money I’d saved up). This “dumb” decision ended up being one of the best things I’ve done and has served as a catalyst for immense personal growth, continued professional success, and a million other positive things.

Were it not for my plethora of bad habits and vices, paired with my passion for self-improvement and helping others, I wouldn’t have spend a year running monthly challenge groups that help dozens of people lose weight and gain confidence by changing their lifestyles.

I wouldn’t have started a book club around the topic of habit change that led a friend and fellow book clubber to tell me last night that “her life will never be the same” because of the habit she changed.

Have you ever heard the quote “We teach what we most need to learn”? Yeah, they wrote that for me.

Being confident enough to admit you struggle with the same issues that you advise others about doesn’t mean you aren’t “walking the walk” it actually shows self awareness and proves how deeply you desire to learn more about and embody the very traits, habits, and virtues you preach about.


Imperfections are bridges that connect us to others. Expose them. Share them. Embrace them.

If you have a weakness that moves you further away from your goals and purpose, then for sure work on improving it. But maybe much of what we consider our “weaknesses” are really strengths in disguise. In that case, stop wasting your time worrying about “fixing” it and go be awesome instead!

I’m both obsessive and flighty. Being obsessive helps me manage the highly detailed aspects of my jobs (schedules, schedules, schedules!) but being “flighty” is nice when something inevitably goes wrong. Shake it off and do better next time!! 🙂

I possess a good deal of mental grit but I’m also very sensitive. Sounds like a strength and a weakness right? I don’t see it that way. My grittiness allows me to constantly strive for excellence without the need for perfection. It also makes me extremely resilient and optimistic. Being sensitive makes me very perceptive. I pick up on things that others might not. It also makes me very tuned in to self-care which is a huge part of healthy living.

I teeter right on the edge of my “happy weight” and wanting to lose a few pounds depending on life circumstances, the amount of stress I’m under, etc. I’m also fit and strong and healthy. I have areas I want to improve but I’m overall happy with my appearance. Some days more confident than others. (I think this is just called being a woman?!)

Most importantly, my mind is healthy when it comes to nutrition and exercise. I don’t obsess and while they are values of mine, they don’t take over my life. I believe these combinations of strengths and weaknesses make me unique and approachable as a fitness professional.

We are all a million other combinations of good and bad and that’s what makes us who we are. Own it and use it to your advantage. You’ll love yourself a whole lot more.


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